Blower Door Testing

A blower door is a device which measures the air tightness of buildings. It also measures airflow between building zones, and locates air leakage pathways. A duct blaster, similar to a blower door, tests the air tightness of duct work.

During the audit, the blower door is temporarily installed onto the frame of an exterior door—typically the main entrance. Then, all exterior doors and windows are closed while all interior doors are left open. While the fan pushes air outside, the air pressure inside your home is lowered. This allows for the higher air pressure outside to flow through any cracks, gaps, and penetrations. 

The results will show the total air leakage present in the home, allowing for more accurate air sealing which utilizes thermal imaging to locate and seal up leaks.

The benefits of a blower door test are:

  • Reduced energy usage by resolving air leakage
  • Improved home comfort by reducing drafts
  • Improved indoor air quality by ensuring air supply integrity

Air Sealing and Insulation

Once your home is airtight, you will also want to ensure that the insulation in your home is not undermining all the hard work you just put into stopping air from infiltrating. The insulation in your home will prevent heat from leaving your home in the winter, and slow down the summer heat when it wants to invade your living space, meaning air sealing and insulating your home will keep your home more comfortable, all year long. 

Air sealing is rarely done without also upgrading insulation levels (or even insulation types), which will in tandem increase the effectiveness of each upgrade, individually. 

Take Control Over the Air in Your Home

You breathe it in each and every day, and it keeps you comfortable — so why not take care of the air in your home? DocAir can help you improve your indoor air quality and keep your home healthy with a blower door test. Get your own blower door test report and learn how you can reduce energy costs while staying more comfortable in your own home!

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