Science-based HVAC services.

Repairs, Maintenance, Installs, Upgrades.

HVAC is not a commodity.

After 17 years of evaluating building problems, we have found that HVAC is a real problem that needs to be fixed properly. Consumers trust that ALL HVAC service technicians are knowledgeable and honest. In truth, most HVAC companies focus on sales above quality. In short, this is referred to Sales before Science.

The homeowner is generally at a disadvantage when there is an HVAC issue. Typically, the problem occurs during the worst time: hot as heck or cold as heck. The homeowner is highly vulnerable to any solution the technician offers. Without the ability to evaluate the solutions, the typical response is to swallow hard and make the pain go away..

HVAC contractors should be evaluated the same way as a personal physician. What are their credentials, knowledge, education, and experience?

The house is a system. Your HVAC professional should understand air flows, balancing, heat loads, duct design, and psychrometrics (the science of moisture in air).

DocAir endorses Science before Sales, focusing on diagnosis. Once the problem is diagnosed, we will draw conclusions and present the facts. Our diagnosticians are trained to inspect your home just as they would their own. How many HVAC systems are replaced each year simply because the homeowner trusts what they are told? Too many.

Here are some basic competency questions for all HVAC professionals:

  1. Will you please measure the volume of air that is coming from that vent?
  2. Should I leave the thermostat fan setting on ON or Auto? Why?
  3. What is the largest energy waster in the average HVAC system?
  4. What are the heating and cooling design temperature specs for this area?
  5. How much air leakage is acceptable in duct systems?
  6. Can you prepare a Manual J and D report for your home?
  7. How do you plan to ventilate my home?
  8. How can I keep the bonus room over my garage comfortable?
  9. How does my system maintain the proper humidity in my home?

Here is DocAir’s commitment to you:

  • We will consider all the facts relating to your HVAC and building systems.
    Science before sales.
  • We will consult with the DocAir professionals to assist with complicated issues.
    Second opinions are good.
  • We present the facts clearly so an informed decision.
    Knowledge is power.
  • We will advise you as if you were a close friend or family member.
    Customer wellbeing is primary.
  • If we discover new information, we will revise our conclusions accordingly.
    Science before ego.

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