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A building envelope, or building enclosure, is the physical separation between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of a building. When there are leaks in this enclose, conditioned air escapes to the outside, forcing your HVAC unit to work overtime. Think of it as many, small holes open all the time in your home. These holes can be found around windows, doors, trim, return air plenums, supply ducts, recessed lighting inserts, and many other places.

DocAir holds several certifications relevant to building envelope integrity, such as HERS and ABBA.

  • We offer building envelope inspections
  • You will notice improved air quality and energy efficiency immediately
  • We offer several synergistic services such as Blower Door Testing and Aeroseal
  • We seal in the attic, in the crawl space, and everywhere where there are air leaks.

DocAir was founded in 2002 with a focus on indoor air quality and a committment to science-based solutions. About DocAir

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