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Stormwater Management

Water is one of the fiercest adversaries for those looking to keep a safe, healthy, and comfortable home here in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, Mt. Juliet, and Hendersonville, TN. Ineffective stormwater management is a major problem that can wreak havoc in nearly every area of your house, and the problem has become so widespread that this service has grown to be DocAir’s most requested service!

Our science-first approach is simple: “Keep water away from building foundations.” This is easier said than done, and many stormwater remediation contractors fail to stick to this approach. Through a better understanding of how moisture can affect the health of a building, as well as how stormwater can infiltrate the vulnerable areas of your home, DocAir will ensure your stormwater issues are resolved right, the first time.

Our Approach To Stormwater Remediation

Typically, during times of heavy rainfall, stormwater falls from the roof and from surrounding properties, where it then soaks into the soil near your foundation or can build up in the areas directly surrounding your home. Ultimately, this water intrudes into the crawl space or basement and begins to erode the bearing soils supporting the building. Instead of propping up the foundation of your home upon more load-bearing soil, why not just eliminate the water problem with a practical, less-expensive, solution?

DocAir’s stormwater management services in Nashville include:

  • Installing DocAir Down Spots™ for the downspouts of each building; each will connect to an underground piping system that will extend the stormwater catch basins located around the property or to customized percolators in situations where a storm sewer is not accessible
  • Sealing the stormwater intrusion points next to the building with compacted soil and clay to create a water-resistant barrier and to create a positive gradient away from the foundation so that water cannot reach it
  • Installing recessed catch basins in areas where water will naturally pool and connecting the catch basins to percolators with four-inch-diameter PVC piping installed underground
  • Designing and installing decorative retaining walls to divert water and other water diversion devices
  • Installing emergency sump pumps if required
  • If necessary, crawlspace waterproofing can also be installed to add an extra layer of moisture protection. 

Whole-House Flood Damage Restoration

While stormwater and flooding often affect the lowest levels of the home, there are other systems within the home that can exacerbate the problems that arise from too much moisture. We chose the name DocAir for a reason—we want to treat the entire “body” of your home, not just the most egregious symptoms. 

This comes in the form of testing your HVAC system and ductwork for leaks and efficiency, to ensure it is not spreading the moisture of your wet basement throughout the rest of your home. We can also inspect the walls for cleanliness and dryness before replacing any drywall. 

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