Get Water Away From The Building

Storm Water Management

Ineffective storm water management is an epidemic problem. The problem is so widespread that this service area has grown to be DocAir’s #1 service!

Our approach is simple: “Keep water away from the building foundations.” While this sounds like a practical approach, it is rarely followed. Typically, storm water from the roof and the surrounding properties discharges next to the foundations or is allowed to reach the area next to the building. Ultimately, this water intrudes into the crawl space or basement, and begins to erode the bearing soils supporting the building. Why pay a company thousands of dollars to jack up the building when the less-expensive, practical solution is to eliminate the water problem?

DocAir’s storm water services include:

  • Installing DocAir Down Spots™ for the downspouts of each building; each will connect to an underground piping system that will extend the storm water sewer catch basins located around the property or to customized percolators in situations where a storm sewer is not accessible
  • Sealing the storm water intrusion points next to the building with compacted soil and clay to create a water-resistant barrier and to create a positive gradient away from the foundation so that water cannot reach it
  • Installing recessed catch basins in areas where water will naturally pool and connecting the catch basins to percolators with four-inch-diameter PVC piping installed underground
  • Designing and installing decorative retaining walls and other water diversion devices

DocAir was founded in 2002 with a focus on indoor air quality and a committment to science-based solutions. About DocAir

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