Radon Mitigation

The bad news is, your radon levels are too high.
So, what is the GOOD news?

Exposure to radon gas can cause lung cancer. The higher the concentration, the greater the risk. It is no surprise that homeowners and real estate professionals consider radon to be a terrible thing with no redeeming characteristics.

However, there are situations where the discovery of elevated radon levels can show you how to make your home healthier and more energy efficient.

Take the case of a home constructed over a vented crawl space. DocAir installs hundreds of mitigation systems each year, many of them in homes with crawl spaces. The methodology requires the installation of a continuously operating fan pulling air from under a continuous plastic barrier over the ground in the crawl space. The radon-laden air is exhausted at the roof where it can be safely dissipated into the atmosphere.

This method of mitigation is effective, but what if you could achieve the same results without installing a mitigation system. Here is what you need to know:

  1. If radon is a problem in a home over a vented crawl space, it is likely due to leaks in the duct system.
  2. Seal these leaks and you may solve your radon problem while making your home healthier and lowering your utility bills.

So, you can see – Radon is trying to tell you something. Take the cue and you can make your home healthier, more comfortable, and more efficient. And eliminate high radon levels at the same time.

radon mitigation explanation graphic

What you need to know about Radon:

  • Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally as a by-product of uranium decay
  • Radon is found in most soils
  • It is commonly occurring. Most of the radiation exposure in our lives will be from radon gas
  • It is odorless, colorless, tasteless
  • Radon is a known carcinogen
  • Health risks are linked to exposure to high average levels of radon over a sustained period of time

We understand radon leaks could be a serious concern for home and property owners, and should be addressed as a priority. To address the radon level on any day is a short-term measure. To achieve overall healthy air quality, the underlying issues must be diagnosed correctly.

Finding the Cause

Testing for radon levels to bring the level under control is not enough. Radon levels fluctuate according to certain conditions such as climate, humidity, ventilation, the time of year and, in some cases, the time of day. DocAir inspects how the radon is being sucked into your home. Those include:

  • Deficient air ducts?
  • Vented crawl space problems?
  • Leaks in floors, walls, ducts, or ventilation outlets?

Underlying Issues

Most radon mitigation companies in the Nashville area focus on identifying methods to reduce radon levels back to a ‘safe zone’. DocAir understands an elevated radon level is an indicator of underlying issues in the home. For example, air duct or ventilation defects can affect radon levels and can significantly diminish energy efficiency and create overall poor air quality.

DocAir professionals strive to deliver a sustainable solution providing you and your family a safe, energy efficient, and healthy home.

The DocAir Solution

Radon levels fluctuate throughout the seasons. Levels are monitored over time as we investigate other factors in the property that may have a bearing on levels rising on occasions throughout the year.

Additionally, we measure current levels in different sections of the property. Higher levels in one area indicate an issue that must be addressed such as faulty ducts, leakages, or poorly ventilated crawl spaces. Attention to detail allows solutions to be implemented, providing resolution to the issue.

We do not do a quick fix: we offer solutions. We measure, we investigate, we find the fault, and we carry out the necessary repairs.

DocAir inspects your property holistically, investigating how your building functions, looking for potential defects & leaks in the structure to ascertain the root causes. You will receive a sustainable, long-lasting solution which will improve the overall health of your home and your family.

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