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Increasing the efficiency and health of your business here in Tennessee requires a large scope of knowledge, expertise, and experience. The construction and design of your building, external factors like weather and location, and the occupants of your property should all be equally considered when you are looking to reduce monthly maintenance costs and increase the safety of your business. 

The professionals at DocAir can diagnose the issues that are making your building “sick” and get at the underlying causes that are posing a health threat to the inhabitants of your building with our full list of commercial testing and verification services. 

Commercial Industrial Hygiene (CIH)

With a background as a Master Plumber, a Senior Industrial Hygienist, and a professional engineer, DocAir CEO Barry Westbrook is uniquely qualified to provide a thorough, science-first approach to diagnosing the occupational and health hazards of your building. 

DocAir brings over 25 years of experience in the industrial hygiene field. Our primary technician and CEO, Barry Westbrook, was first certified in 1994, and has participated in the evolution of improving the health and safety of manufacturing and industrial properties over decades. 

With our CIH services, we’ll ensure you know about every area where there is room for improvement so that you can make your workplace safer, healthier, and even more efficient.

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Commercial Blower Door Testing

Want to get a sense of how leaky your commercial property is? A commercial blower door test depressurizes your entire indoor space, providing an accurate reading of the total air leakage present in your building. The results from your blower door test will inform how to improve the air barrier in your building so that you can gain greater control over your indoor air quality and heating and cooling efficiency.

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Mechanical Ventilation Solutions

There are many reasons to properly ventilate your commercial property or business, and for businesses that utilize combustion-based equipment or deal extensively with chemicals, mechanical ventilation is a must. DocAir can diagnose your indoor air issues, calculate the air changes per hour required for proper ventilation, and recommend a mechanical solution that fits your unique needs.

Air Quality Testing Solutions

It’s hard to know how to solve your indoor air quality issues when you don’t know what’s in the air you’re breathing! Through our indoor air quality testing solutions, DocAir can uncover what is in your air, so that you can solve the problem correctly, once and for all. 

If It Involves The Health of Your Building, It Requires DocAir!

commercial ventilation inspection servicesWhen your body is sick, you call a doctor—and when your building is sick you call DocAir! If you are looking to make your Tennessee business or commercial property safer, more efficient, more resilient, and healthier, a call to DocAir is the place to start. We are your trusted partner in diagnosing sick buildings throughout Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin. 

Improve the health, comfort, and efficiency of your commercial property, with DocAir. Call us or get in touch here to start your next project.

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Air Barrier Auditing (ABAA)

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