Mold Remediation And Clean-up

As a naturally occurring fungus, mold is a fact of life. It can even become a beautiful organism, helping shape the ecosystem of many of the earth’s forests and other wildlife habitats — but problems arise when mold brings the wilderness into your Nashville area home or commercial property.

If the moisture in your home has not been mitigated, mold has everything it needs to grow, potentially affecting the health of those occupying the home or building. Mold can increase respiratory symptoms associated with asthma, and exacerbate common allergy-like symptoms all year round, so taking care of your mold problem is an issue that must be addressed right away! Here at DocAir, we don’t just get rid of mold – we prevent it from coming back, securing a healthier home for you, your family, or your business.

Why Is Mold Dangerous to Humans?

Mold and mold spores are everywhere, but when mold spores are allowed to multiply under specific conditions, the increase in exposure is harmful to humans. Mold can contain mycotoxins, which have even been linked to neurological issues in humans and animals. However, the most common symptoms of mold in the home are as follows:

  • Skin rash & eczema
  • Coughing or wheezing
  • Dry, irritated eyes
  • Post nasal drip & congestion
  • Headache 

How Does Mold Grow in a Home?

So, if mold spores are everywhere, how is it they are allowed to grow into the patches of green and black and grey that you might be familiar with? Mold spores needs specific conditions in order to multiply, and your home or business already has two of them: the perfect temperature (between 60ºF and 80ºF, which is the range many thermostats are set to), a food source (your building materials, like drywall and construction wood), and moisture. 

When you can control the moisture in and out of your home, you have a much better chance at staving off mold growth in the long term!

Mold Prevention & Mold Remediation in Nashville

If you are looking for mold inspection and testing in Nashville, the battle against mold has just begun. However, the real fight starts once the mold has been remediated and removed entirely.  If the mold was allowed to grow once, unless you resolve the root cause of your moisture problem, it will surely happen again!

Here at DocAir, we take a science-first approach to remediating and permanently resolving mold issues, through a better understanding of how a building works. In our damp Tennessee climate, humidity and even storm water can enter the home through vulnerable, leaky areas like the attic, crawl space, holes in your windows and doors, and other hidden areas. By thoroughly testing and verifying how your home is performing, we can recommend the right course of action to prevent mold, while getting your home more comfortable and more efficient in the process! Services that help prevent mold growth include:

Is Your Home “Sick” with Mold? Call DocAir!

There is a good reason insurance companies and homeowners alike are weary of mold growth — it is a threat to your health and can even cause permanent damage to your home! If you are concerned that there may be mold growing and you are looking for your own mold testing or mold removal products, we recommend that you bring in the experts that can properly diagnose the root cause of your problem, and resolve it through comprehensive building science knowledge. 

If it has to do with how buildings work, we are probably certified and highly trained on it, and we won’t make a move when it comes to your home comfort, health, and overall efficiency until we know it’s the right move. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can help remediate your mold problem!

If there is mold in your home, there is no time to waste! Bring in the mold remediation experts Nashville trusts to resolve it once and for all. Call DocAir or get in touch here.

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