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At DocAir, we search out the best products and equipment to recommend to our customers that will keep their homes comfortable, efficient, and perhaps most importantly, healthy. Mini splits, mini split ACs, and ductless mini split heat pumps are a versatile and ultra efficient solution to keeping your Nashville home warm in the winter, cool in the summer, all while keeping your indoor air quality healthy!

How Heat Pumps and Mini Split Systems Work

Which is more efficient: starting a fire from a smouldering pile of coals, or starting a brand new fire from scratch? Mini splits utilize heat pump technology, which is similar to starting a fire using existing coals, providing comfort by moving heat that already exists in the air (both outside and inside). 

During the summer, a mini split takes the heat from your indoor air and sends it outside, cooling your home. In the winter, a mini split will collect heat from the air outside, and bring it into your home. Yes, even in temperatures below freezing, a mini split can still collect enough heat to make this an efficient home heating solution!

What Is a Mini Split?

A mini split is a ductless version of a heat pump, and can be installed directly into the room that requires the added cooling and heating help. A mini split has two main components, the indoor air handler (also known as a cassette) and the outdoor compressor. They are connected only by an airtight refrigerant line and do not require ductwork, so there is no energy lost from duct leaks or poor ductwork insulation. 

Supplement Your Existing Heating & Cooling

Have you just added a room to your home here in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, Mt. Juliet, or Hendersonville? Or perhaps you have one area in your home that was not included in your original central HVAC system. Installing a mini split directly where you need it is an efficient way to supplement your current heating and cooling, giving you more control over your whole-home comfort. 

Increased Comfort, Better Indoor Air Quality, and a Healthier Home

Mini splits include a hand-washable air filtration system, which you can clean yourself. 

This means you can add a mini split to your home heating and cooling system without worrying about the quality of your air or adding another air filter replacement to your list of HVAC maintenance. Mini splits can also help control humidity in your home, making your indoor air that much healthier and more comfortable.

If you are looking to add a mini split air conditioner to your Nashville home, get in touch with the whole-home experts that will utilize a science-first approach to all of your home comfort and health needs. Schedule a consultation with DocAir today!

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