Clean These Spots In Your New Home Before Moving In

How do you thoroughly clean a new home before moving in?

There are so many elements to consider that it can quickly become overwhelming, but creating a to-do list can help. One of the most important aspects of your new home is the quality of the air, since it impacts your family’s health, and there are several things that can contribute to it, including the HVAC system and any potential high-moisture areas that haven’t been addressed. You will also want to sanitize any spots that are in high-traffic areas, such as light switches, doorknobs, faucets, and appliances.

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Here’s a helpful to-do list to follow when you’re ready to start cleaning up your new property:

Tackle the air quality

Because there are so many factors that contribute to the air quality in a home, it is essential to think about how you’ll approach cleaning various areas so that none are overlooked. For instance, dust, pollen, and pet dander can live in carpeting and air filters, on ceiling fans and window blinds, and in vents. Moisture buildup in areas without much ventilation–such as a basement-level bathroom–can lead to mold and mildew. Thoroughly cleaning these areas using a vacuum with a HEPA filter and natural cleaning solutions can take care of the problem, but you will also want to maintain it using a whole-house air purification system. If you choose to have one installed, hang onto the receipt or invoice in order to quantify the change in case you decide to sell your home down the road, as it can boost your value.

Don’t forget the often-overlooked areas

When it comes to the air quality inside your home, it’s important not to forget about the smaller, often-overlooked areas, such as the tracks of windows and sliding glass doors. These can trap dirt, pollen, mold, and other allergens and are usually forgotten about during even the most thorough house cleaning. It’s also a good idea to clean the screens; you can remove these and spray them down outside with hot water and soap, or even use a lint roller to remove debris.

Take safety precautions

While cleaning any areas that contain dust, mold, or pet dander, it’s a good idea to take some safety precautions. Wearing gloves and a mask can help you protect your skin and will prevent you from breathing in harmful debris or bacteria. This is especially important if you find rodent droppings or signs of other pests since they can potentially spread disease. Wearing the right safety coverings can also help protect you from chemicals found in the cleaning solutions you’re using, although you might use natural products that are gentle and chemical-free.

Scrub down appliances

Typically, a home will come with most major appliances. Unless you plan to bring your own, it’s important to have a plan for sanitizing things like the refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher. Hot water with a small amount of bleach can go a long way, and you can also set a bowl of water with a cut-up lemon in the microwave for a steam bath before you go in with your cleaning tools, which helps to loosen stuck-on gunk and refresh the interior. Be sure to check the food trap inside the dishwasher and make sure everything is clear before cleaning.

Cleaning your home thoroughly before moving in can take some time, but with a solid plan of attack, you can get your new property move-in ready in no time. Remember to wear a mask and consider investing in an air purification system in order to maintain the air quality of your home once it’s clean.

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