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August 12, 2020

Franklin, TN – Since 2002, DocAir has helped building owners in Middle Tennessee improve the health of their structures by focusing on the often-overlooked “V” in “HVAC” – ventilation. In June 2020, the company expanded its services to include a residential HVAC service line. Now, homeowners can take advantage of the holistic, science-based solutions DocAir brings to air quality and ventilation.

 “We believe that HVAC specialists should approach heating, cooling, and ventilation problems like a physician orscientist evaluating a case,” says Barry C. Westbrook, Senior Industrial Hygienist, President & Founder, DocAir. “Our technicians are trained to understand air flows, balancing, heat loads, duct design, and psychrometrics (the science of moisture in air). They use data and observation to evaluate the homeowner’s HVAC system in order to optimize both air quality and system efficiency.”

According to DocAir, effective ventilation is often the key to solving the problems invisible to the naked eye, like cold spots, warm spots, odors, and allergens, which can harm people who suffer from asthma, allergies, COPD, or other breathing issues. DocAir encourages anyone concerned about radon gas, mold, mildew, dust, odors, or other air quality problems to get a diagnostic inspection at no charge by calling (615) 373-2498.

“We are committed to ‘science before sales,’ ” says Westbrook. “Customer wellbeing is paramount to us, so we advise our customers as we would a close friend or family member. We use scientific principles and cutting-edge technology to diagnose and solve air quality problems, and we present our recommendations in clear, simple terms.”

 DocAir helps homeowners throughout Middle Tennessee create healthier air flow in their homes. For more information about DocAir’s science-based HVAC services for the home, visit DocAir’s page. DocAir: Local Indoor Air Quality Specialists Launch New Science-Based HVAC Service for the Home